Rivertop Wellness

Come Join our Wellness Family!

 Whole-Body Wellness

We’re here to guide and support your wellness journey.

Group classes

Join our fitness family with a variety of group exercise classes to get fit, lose weight, and improve your well-being.  Whether you want strength, cardio, or flexibility, we’ve got what you need.

Personal attention

If you want more personalized workouts and recommendations as well as accountability to reach your goals, sign up for our small group classes or one-on-one personal training.


Get unlimited access to our wide variety of offering with low monthly membership fees.  Whether you want large group classes, small group attention, or our Elite membership that includes it all and more, memberships are the best way to make big gains in your wellness for less.

Class Schedule

We’ve got classes going on almost every morning and evening.

Affordable options to support your wellness journey.

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