The Rivertop Wellness Team of Instructors

Kelly Fry started Rivertop Wellness in 2019 to provide a welcoming home for those seeking support for their wellness journey. 

Health and Fitness have always been a big part of Kelly’s life.  With a master’s degree in Exercise Science and a B.S. in Kinesiology from Penn State University, she has worked as personal trainer, health coach, fitness specialist, and as a college faculty member in exercise science and health & human development.

Kelly loves offering a wide variety of programs that help her fitness community feel confident and empowered one decision and one workout at a time. Her purpose is to help others find better health and happiness on their wellness journey!

Amy Wiggans 

Dance Fusion

Barbara Fleming

Cycling, Kettlebell AMPD,
AMPD Build

Laura Maxson

Fitness Mix

Lindsey Riddell


Lorey Durland

Zen Barre

Marion Austin

Cycling, Kettlebell AMPD,
Zen Barre, Fitness Mix

Nancy Verbryck

Fitness Mix

Rebecca Lesko


Sally Johnson

Zen Barre, Cycling & Silver Sneakers

Scott Maxson


Sonya Grosvenor


Tammy Coolbaugh

Yoga & Zen Barre

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