In interior design, people say form follows function. When it comes to fitness, Renee thinks function follows fun. She loves to do cardio and yoga, finding it therapeutic. Plus, she knows her body, mind, and life will improve in multitudes of way. So many wins! And, if you wear a head band, you look cool and keep the sweat out of your eyes.
Renee discovered her love of movement through coaching, martial arts training, and fitness instructing for over two decades. She marries her teaching background with her coaching experience to create a light- hearted, inspirational, relaxed class atmosphere. Renee prides herself on adapting her classes for all levels. We know our bodies and ourselves the best. Respect that, and do you!
See you on the dance floor or on the mat!
Headbands are optional…but they REALLY do work.

Reading, spending time with my family, book club, impromptu dance parties

I have a black belt in Kung Fu.

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